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A Poem from the Past | An English Poem by Khusboo

A Poem from the Past

Doors were closed and people were quarantined, 
Everyone lived with fear In their mind.

Showing love had got a new meaning,
All we could do was staying away and praying.

Even the bravest of us had tears, 
Police, doctors and nurses were the real warriors.

So fast did it spread and made us helpless,
Every single  day,  we heard about a new case.

Get us out of it,  we screamed,
A world free from Corona,  we dreamed.

People died leaving their families alone.
Wish we had much earlier
Accepted to stay at home.

Cases rising everyday
And people dying was one 'Big Question.'
The only answers we got was, staying  home and saving the nation.

But today we have almost won the battle and we feel so proud.
The only thing we needed to do,
Was not to make a crowd.


Khusboo Agarwal

Assistant Teacher

Ananda Hindi ME School
Karara Block