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Significance of the Teachers' Day | An English Article by Dr. Mridusmita Devi

 Significance of the Teachers' Day  

      Teachers are the backbone of a society. Because, teachers enlighten the children who belong to the society through their knowledge. It is said that knowledge is power. This knowledge make children an empowered being, who later becomes a resource for the society. The prosperity of the society or country depends on its citizens. Today's children are the citizen of tomorrow.   

     Teachers can change the face of a nation. As we know, Chanakya, the ancient Indian philosopher was also a great teacher who was able to bring down the Nanda Dynasty and establish the  Mauryan empire. So, teachers may be called as 'nation builders'. Nelson Mendela said, "Education is the powerful weapon that can be used to change the  world."

    Teachers are regarded as a friend, philosopher and guide. Everyone  should pay homage to this responsible job. Only one day is not sufficient to convey regards to the teachers. Each day should be Teachers' day for the students. In India, 5th September is celebrated as Teachers' Day every year, while across the globe 5th October is observed as, World Teachers' Day as proclaimed by UNESCO. In India, 5th September is observed as teachers day to commemorate the birth anniversary of the renowned scholar, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was the first Vice President(1952-1962) and Second President of Independent India.(1962-1967).

      Once during his tenure as the President of India, some of his students expressed their desire to celebrate his birthday. He however, refused it and instead wished to celebrate the day as Teachers' day in honour of the selfless service rendered by the teachers in shaping a nation. According to Radhakrishan,teachers should be the best minds in the country. He himself was also a Professor of Philosophy. So, great was his regards for the teacher fraternity that he dedicated his own birthday as a mark of veneration to their service.

  Hence, Teachers' Day is celebrated to acknowledge the challenges, hardships and the special role that a teacher plays in the life of students. This is one of the important events for students, to understand the efforts teachers make for their wellbeing and growth. In Sanskrit, teacher is regarded as God who opens the eyes of knowledge. So, the sloka, "Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Deva Maheswara...." is recited. Again, it is found in 'Manusamhita,'  that one should always obey their father, mother and teacher. By fulfilling their desires one can attain success in his life. Without the blessings of these three respectable persons one cannot move towards a bright future. The ancient Vedic scriptures have rendered a  highest position to teachers. Even a king followed the advice of the guru (teacher). That makes teaching a dignified service that everyone should respect. Therefore, this day has great significance for students and the society at large.


Dr. Mridusmita Devi 
Bamunigaon High school.
Chhaygaon Block, Kamrup.