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Mental Health & Adolescence | Article by Anindita Gupta

Mental Health & Adolescence  Article by Anindita Gupta

Mental Health & Adolescence


   The 'World Mental Health Day' was celebrated for the first time on October 10, 1992, since then, this day is observed every year as 'World Mental Health Day.’  

      The term ' Mental Health' generally implies to the smooth functioning of a well integrated personality. Mental Health also refers to a healthy mind which is free from any illness. The ability of taking healthy decisions, living peacefully, finding satisfaction out of everything, being rational etc. are the signs of a mentally healthy person. A mentally healthy person always tries to exhibit socially acceptable behaviour.

   But in today's scenario, the mental health crisis can be seen specifically among the adolescents, due to many factors. They sometime fail to regulate their anger, aggression, love, jealousy and express them in a socially undesirable manner. These problems take place due to various factors like depression, parental rejection, drug addiction, bad company and many more. It has become very challenging for them to be mentally healthy.

    Hence, it is the responsibility of both, parents and teachers, to understand the mental crisis of the adolescents, to make their social life healthier and enable them to encounter social challenges in a desirable manner.


Anindita Gupta

Assistant Teacher

Amingaon Bengali L.P.School

Karara Block, Kamrup

Illustration By : Sukanya Bharadwaj

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