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Women | Poem by Jasminara Ahmed



Whole India cheers

Beti Bachao! Beti Padhao!

But when they

Abuse and dishonour the daughters

By adopting foul means,

Isn’t that unfortunate!

A few scorn at them,

Hearing the women screaming,

Curbing their eloquence,

Isn’t that defaming!


I curse and condemn

Man’s harsh attitude

Towards  women.

Beauty blooms

Only when respected,

Loved, viewed and admired.

But this attitude of men

Embitters the sweetness of the world.

Pushes to the edge

This beautiful

Creation of the world.


They shouldn't be an object of pleasure

Who uphold and enrich

Our culture.

Education is the only answer

To scrub the dirt off our mind

To wipe obscenity against women.



Syeda Jasminara Ahmed  

(Full time)

Assistant teacher                       

KGBV Goroimari, 

Chhaygaon Block

অলংকৰণ :- সুকন্যা ভৰদ্বাজ

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