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Examination | A Poem by Sanchita Roy Chowdhury


EXAMINATION | A Poem by Sanchita Roy Chowdhury

The festival of examination is near,
Which causes every student to fear. 
Though it can't judge everyone's quality, 
But still, it becomes a student's responsibility. 

Examination brings a lot of tension,
To those who have no preparation. 

So going regularly to school and college,
Definitely increases their knowledge. 

As students are unaware of their destinations, 
So they should realise that exams are the only solution. 

When examination knocks at the door, 
The students should fear less and study more.

So face the examination boldly,
It's your responsibility wholly.


Sanchita Roy Chowdhury
Assistant Teacher
Anand Hindi M. E. School

Illustration: Sangita Kakati

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