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The Smart Communicator | Article by Kungkum Sadhanidar Baruah

The Smart Communicator

The Smart Communicator  Article by Kungkum Sadhanidar Baruah

        The ability to communicate effectively is considered to be a highly important life-skill. A better communication skill can help us in all aspects of our lives - from professional to social gatherings and everything in between. In our communication process , some words starting with the alphabet ‘S’ play a magical role. Such as :

‘S’ for simple : When things are simple, life seems to be easy. Simple things are always attractive and everlasting. One should maintain simplicity while communicating , or else lots of confusions may arise. Simple words are better than complex words. While communicating we should be very careful and tactful in choosing words. Simplicity is a great step towards attainment of excellence.

‘S’ for short : In any discussions , presentations, interviews etc. , one should be very precise. The sentences should be short. Long, ambiguous speech must be avoided. Short sentences in communication help in continuity without any boredom. It is really a fun to talk with someone who does not use long, difficult words.

‘S’ for sureness : It is an essential part of the communication process. One should know what he or she is talking about. When one is sure, he or she can never be nervous and that creates a positive impact on others. Nobody trusts in gainsays. Sureness also reflects correctness. So, it is wise to be sure while communicating with people.

 ‘S’ for smartness : A smart person cannot be cheated. Technology has made the modern people smart. Similarly , in communication if one lacks smartness, his or her credibility is lost. No one will give proper attention to one who cannot communicate with smartness. To be smart means to be confident. 

 If these aspects are taken care of, be it in case of mother-tongue or any other language, there is nothing else to be worried about during communication. The magical ‘S’ helps to have a positive outlook.


Kungkum Sadhanidar Baruah
Asstt. Teacher
Kinan Gaon ME School
Block : Boko


Illustration: Manbini das

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