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Divyang Divas | English Article by Sangita Mazumdar

 Divyang Divas

 'Divyang' means specially-abled which again is referred to the people with disability be it physical or mental. Due to ill fate some people are unable to lead normal lives or are deprived of living their life to its fullest owing to one or the other disability. Their disability acts as a barrier in their growth and progress. 

What is World Disability Day?

World Disability Day is an international observation promoted by the US since 1981 that aims at giving support to the disabled. December 3rd is celebrated every year as International Day of Disabled across the globe. In India Disability Day was called 'Divyang Divas' on the insistence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Why do we need to celebrate Diyang Divas?     It is observed worldwide that persons with disability cannot contribute to the country's political, economical or other fields for its development. Yet again we cannot think of total development, excluding a section of the society who are disabled. 

      Divyang Divas is an attempt to draw our attention to the problems of persons with disabilities. It aims at lending a helping hand to the disabled persons so that they can overcome their disabilities. With a little bit of help the 'Divyangs' too can contribute towards the nation's progress.

      Disabled people need our support to overcome their struggles and to live their life with spirit and spontaneity. Like everyone else, the Covid-19 Pandemic situation has adversely affected the disabled people too. They were helpless on not being able to take care of themselves. It is therefore our responsibility as human beings to be their support at such crucial times. 

      Let us stand by them and support them and make the"DIVYANG DIVAS" a successful one.

Sangita Mazumdar
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