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Moral Education in Schools | English Article by Maskura Begom

 Moral Education in Schools

        School is a place where children go for education. Education trains children to live a better life. Moral education teaches us to differentiate the right from the wrong. It refers to ethical education which helps children to choose the right path of life and have a good conduct. This set of beliefs which teaches a child what is wrong or right, guides their intentions, attitudes and behaviour towards others and their environment. Albert Einstein said, " Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

       Moral education should be taught in schools as it fosters humanitarian traits in the child. This in turn influences their personal, social and professional lives. It helps eliminate behavioural problems, violence and negative tendencies like dishonesty and jealousy. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore said, ''The education of humanity is the ultimate education and everything is subject to it". So the child has to be a good human being first, then everything will come under his control. 

       If Gandhiji's thoughts are paid heed to, then moral education should be taught both in elementary and secondary level. Moral education seeks to foster values like discipline, punctuality, trust, respect, responsibility, tolerance, courage, co-operation, empathy etc. At present times there are several factors why the sense of morality is lacking  among children. Loneliness on being brought up in nuclear families, lack of attention from parents, increased exposure to video games and other gadgets etc. make the child self-centered and ill-mannered. 

       Now a days,  students don't show respect to their teachers, nor listen to their parents or elders. Whereas in earlier days, it was a common practice for children to bow their heads in front of their teachers or elders. Today they even hesitate to greet them or show hospitality when there are guests at home.  

        In ancient times a lot of emphasis was given to moral education. We all know the story of Aruni and Eklavya who dedicated themselves to respect their sage's or teacher's order. Aruni was the disciple of Sage Ayoda-Dhaumya. Once the fields of the ashram was flooded, an embankment was built to prevent the water from entering into the Ashram. Dhaumya sent Aruni to stop the water from entering the embankment. When Aruni had not returned after a long time, Dhaumya set out in search of him. Aruni was found lying near the embankment trying to prevent the water from entering it. In another legend, Eklavya dedicated his right thumb as a "Guru dakshina" to Dronacharya as he learnt archery from the sage without his knowledge. Such was the respect towards their Guru that a Guru's wish became his command.

        Moral education in schools build a strong foundation for the child. As famous quote says, " When wealth is lost nothing is lost; when health is lost something is lost; when character is lost everything is lost". So, building a good character is extremely essential for every citizen of a country and that is built only through acquiring moral education and not simply by obtaining good marks in exams .

Writer's address:

Maskura Begom.

Asstt. Teacher.

Champupara Higher Secondary school.

Chhaygoan, Kamrup, Assam

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