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MY IDIOCY l English poem by Richa Kairi



I felt I'm failed, 

When my mother wept being pale. 

I sensed agony, 

When she said it's not my fault but her destiny . 

Oh mother! Your heart is big enough to accommodate a thousand of mine , 

How can I be cruel to such a divine . 

I felt I'm failed, 

When she opted a stranger to deliver her pain. 

I sensed misery, 

When I lost my heartiest treasury 

Wanting me to be her strength, 

Which I stupidly failed to present. 

She wanted a fraction of my time, 

But I denied to give her mine. 

It's late to realise the loss of the precious gem, 

Who was enough to relieve me of every pain. 

My obstacles were never mine,

She treated them all, being my sunshine. 

Childishly, I went on searching for God, 

Worshiping His reflection, which I forgot. 

I thought of writing thousands for her, 

My stolidity could not express her far. 

Her love for me was like the unpredicted rain,

But I really failed to return her a little again.

Richa Kairi

Assistant Teacher,

355 No. Takaradia LPS.

Block - Chhaygaon.

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