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Almost all of us enjoy school or college days , enjoy study or new experiences and gather knowledge etc . In this student life , We also need to evaluate our learning . How much we learnt and how much we need to learn . Evaluation is most necessary for all . 

      Dear students , there is a necessity to take a board exam to determine where you will fit in the sea of ​​millions of people like you . Examination method is a means of evaluation . But hearing the word examination almost everyone feels a sense of dread . A little pressure or fear is normal in most of the students . But over thinking is not normal . You should be sincere in study , not to be much serious . Giving up eating , drinking , sleeping , etc. for the exam means that the boy or girl is under stress . And parents or elders are mainly responsible for this pressure or examination fear among the children . Excessive ambition of parents makes the child mentally anxious . The thought of failure scares the child . Excessive anxiety about examination in adults creates test phobia in children . Too much discussion and criticism around examination puts students under stress . 

      What parents should do :
There are some things parents can do to overcome test phobia in students : 

1. If you are not paying attention to your child's studies in previous classes or exams , don't suddenly focus too much on them before Madhyamik Examination . Try to be consistent in your usage .

2. Give enough time to your child . It's better that you explain the chapters if you can , without shouting behind them . 

3. Take care of their health . Whether he/she is eating enough , sleeping regularly or not . 

4. It is a duty of the guardian to select a specific place for the study of their child , to provide adequate light and air . 

5. Adults should refrain from worrying about examination . Your son or daughter may be emotionally upset because of your excessive anxiety . 

6. The fear that the elders had in their student life about the examination should never be discussed in front of the younger ones . Avoid any negative discussion about the examination . 

7. It is the duty of the parents to see how much the boy or girl has learnt without worrying about getting good marks in the exam or not . 

9. It is the duty of parents to observe that the child is studying regularly or not . It's very important to notice if they are wasting their time or misusing the smart phones, social media etc .

10. The duty of a guardian is to instill enthusiasm among the boys and girls . Avoid discouraging them with negative criticism . 

      What students should do : 
Students , need not worry too much about the upcoming examination . Excessive worry causes stress . Stress can make your result worsen . You study with a cool mind and follow some rules , then you will definitely get good result in the examination ------

i) It is necessary to make a specific time table according to the subject for study . 

ii)  Specifying your study time . 

iii) Arrange a specific place for study . The place should be decorated with adequate light and air . 

iv) Adequate sleep is very important for you . 

v)  It is necessary to make the handwriting clear and beautiful and must be increase the writing speed . 

vi) Studying and repeating the study materials thoroughly and reading is very useful . 

vii) If you give importance on reading using pictures , diagrams , maps , globe , spheres etc. then surely chapters will be easy to understand . 

viii)  Learning becomes fun if you love it . You can enjoy your study with love . In that case , you can take the help of your teacher as well as a good YouTube channel or Apps like diksha or Google pages . YouTube videos have contributed a lot in making various topics easy to understand . 

ix) Take study as nourishing food for your brain . Just as adequate food is necessary for the development of your body , it is necessary for the development of your brain to study more . 

x) Eat something healthy before starting study . 

xi) Every subject should take seriously . Discuss the issues with others . Then the topic will be better to understood . Group study is very effective in this regard . 

xii) Memorize things and write down immediately , then you will never forget the subject matter . 

xiii) You have to be very patient in studies . The habit of sitting for long periods of time should be developed . 

xiv) Try to solve the previous examination's Question papers. 

xv) As soon as the examination routine comes in hand , the study plan should be rearranged . Time to learn something new is almost over .  Revise and practice the things that you have learnt to get better understanding .

xvi) As soon as the admit card comes in hand , check what the rules are written . The rules for entering the examination hall are written on it . 

xvii) Keep the admit card , registration card , pen , pencil , geometry box etc. in advance and take them with you while going to the examination . 

xviii) Stay away from negative people for few days before examination . Try to listen to the advice of people with a positive attitude . Follow those who encourage you , trust you . 

xix) Believe in yourself , you can do it . Self-confidence helps to reach the peak of improvement . Your determined steps will greatly help you in reaching your goals . 

xx) Try to have a self-discipline , steady and patient character , you will surely succeed . 

Finally , best wishes and advance  congratulations to the students of upcoming HSLC and HSC Examination . I pray to the Almighty that He fulfills the aspirations of all the candidates and brightens their future .

 Maskura Begom ,
Asstt. Teacher ,
Champupara HS School ,
Block - Chhaygoan , Kamrup ,
Mobile - 9101662268 

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