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WOMEN, ৩য় বছৰ ৩য় সংখ্যা,


They're strong..
bear patience for everything.
They're emotional and brave
sympathized, active and attentive.

They're wise and understanding..
creative and listeners.. 

They're hardworking and
always ready to sacrifice.
Situations only make them
harsh and cruel..
as hardness grab them
beyond their limits
they can face everything fearlessly..
They're 'they'
who get never tired mentally
seek only a bit of care
from dear ones..

Though often they express never..
Since then...till now..
there is an appeal from thousand souls of
Great-grannies, grannies, moms...
Love and care... words that touch...
 Truly their emotions..
Yes, they are always hungry for some love,
heartfelt emotions and care...

 Mousumee Ray Choudhury

 Asst. Teacher
 Soniadi Kasumara LPS,
 Hajo block, Kamrup

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