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The world is changing constantly since ancient times till date. Changes do not only mean ' to replace ' , it  means make modification of something . Everything of human life is changing . Their way of living , way of talking , dressing , eating habits , means of communication, teaching - learning processes etc . Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated that there is nothing permanent except change . So , the world is changing quickly and we must prepare ourselves to accept the changes  accordingly by changing our mindset . We must come out of our comfort zones and accept challenges. According to Thomas Fuller , ' All things are difficult before they are easy . ' So , adaptation is not a difficult task if we think and accept it positively .

    The teaching learning process is changing from Gurukul to School and now it has reached digital media age . Learners acquired knowledge from the Gurus during ancient times and now they are acquiring education using technology . It is the need of the hour both for teachers and students to use technology in education .

     Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for various practical purposes in our daily lives ( like internet , education , communication , health care , productivity , transport , banking , automation , robotics etc ) . Technology in education refers to the effective use of various tools , equipment and machines in the field of education . It's used to facilitate , enable and promote learning through distance learning , Google classroom , Projector or digital white board , web page , YouTube etc .

Need of technology in education :

        ' Technology will not replace great teachers but in the hand of great teachers, it's transformational ' - George Couros . 

Now-a-days when a teacher wants to impart education in an effective manner , he needs to go beyond textbook. The information and communication technology ( ICT ) assists a teacher to go beyond textbook . Need of technology in education is the demand of the present world .

The following are the reasons for which technology is needed in education :

1. As per National Education Policy 2020 , ' New circumstances and realities require new initiatives . The recent rise in epidemics and pandemics necessitates that we are ready with alternative modes of quality education whenever and wherever traditional and in - person modes of education are not possible . '

2. Technology helps teachers and students to adopt 21st century skills and prepares them for future .

3. It is needed to develop self - awareness in students in present world .

4. Technology is needed now-a-days to draw attention of students and motivate them to focus on their particular topic .

5. It's needed to encourage collaboration among peer - students , between teacher - students and between teacher - parents .

6.  To develop communication skills in education , technology is needed .

7. Technology is needed for students to explore and meet their curiosity .

8.  To improve teaching - learning methods and techniques , lesson planning ,  technology is needed . 

9. Both teachers and students search and collect informations through technology more easily .

10. It improves self - learning in students .

11. Technology enhances learning . There is no learning boundary , no partition between two classes , no age limit to acquire knowledge . Students may search in any device for any topic of any class to learn and meet their curiosity .

12. Technology is needed to develop student's interest in learning .

13. A video or audio recording helps students in revision of the subject matter . If any student can't attend his normal classes due to his illness , he can easily understand his subject matter through recorded classes or online classes when normal classes are going on in the classroom .

12. For the assessment of students , using technology is needed .

Use of technology in education :

     Effective use of technology improves teacher's professional growth , it also improves learner's knowledge , understanding and skills . Use of technology in education makes education more flexible and adaptive . Technology in education is an important tool for variety of areas like making curriculum , preparing lesson plan , using digital white board , imparting education and collecting student's feedback etc . The following are some tools which are generally used in technology learning process through the devices like computer , laptop , tablet or mobile phone etc . :-

1. Digital white board or Digital Projector

2. Internet , websites , web portals , YouTube or any other social media .

3. Digital platforms like DIKSHA , SWAYAM , PhET , Khan Academy etc .

4. Virtual learning through Google classroom , Zoom App , Google Meet etc . for sharing study materials , arranging live classes .

5. E-contents are available as e-books .

6. For fun-based learning a teacher can use such appropriate tools .

7. Learning through Augmented reality and Virtual reality .

8. Using Artificial intelligence technology . 

9. Technology is used in assessment of student's learning experiences . Many online assessment tools and techniques are designed for the assessment of students . For example , Socrative is a formative assessment tool .

10. HRMS Assam, a digital portal for teachers posting and transfer management system .

11.Siksha setu , a digital portal with 360 degree information on schools , stuff and students for School Education Department , Assam .

12. Software which are useful for studying science are Kalzium, Avogadro , ANTOMY 3D , etc . Educative 8 , Tux Math etc . are used for studying Mathematics and GeoGebra for Geometry , Science and Earth Science . Bhuvan for Social Science . Google Earth , Google Maps etc. are useful for Geography .

13. Digital note pad , MS office like MS Word , Excel , Power point etc . are used by the teachers to save his time and make the task easier .

      Finally , we can say that technology in education doesn't merely mean the use of the internet and digital devices but to consider using these as a means to achieve the objectives and learning outcomes related to the content to be carried out .

Sources : 

1. Diksha content - introduction to ICT
2. NEP2020
3. Online Google sources

Maskura Begom , 
Assistant Teacher ,
Champupara HS School ,
Block - Chhaygoan 
Kamrup , Assam

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