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ইংৰাজী প্ৰবন্ধ, CONTRIBUTION OF MAHATMA GANDHI IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF KHADI,Maskura Begom, ৪ৰ্থ বছৰ ২য় সংখ্যা,


 Mahatma Gandhi , the father of the nation is the distinguished person, who intertwined khadi with the freedom movement of India . He introduced the concept of khadi as a symbol of self -reliance and national pride . He aimed to introduce it as a means to provide employment to the rural unemployed people . His contribution in the development of khadi is remarkable . If he could not take such a step to spin and wear khadi , it would be crushed underfoot by the British colonialism .

Khadi is a hand - span and hand – woven fabric made in Indian sub - continent . It is made by using a spinning wheel called ‘Charkha’ . Khadi is not mill - made fabric . It is made from natural sources like cotton , wool and silk . It is  very comfortable for everyone both in summer and winter season . It keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter .
      Khadi has a life - long history in India . It is called that khadi is a symbol of Indian textile heritage . India has been practising hand spinning and weaving for thousands of years .
By the end of the 17th century, when Indian hand - woven khadi captured its popularity on European market place , then the France and British  took the policy to demolish that popularity of khadi . Mahatma Gandhi realized that policy of British and took responsibility of intertwining the khadi movement with India’s freedom movement .
Khadi movement was started formally by Gandhiji in 1918 . At first, he emphasized on khadi as providing relief to the large population of India struggling with poverty every day . He began insisting on khadi especially for the villagers own use . It became a source of earning and self -sufficient material to help the poor , unemployed youth , women and villagers etc . Gandhiji said that “ Like swaraj , khadi is our birth right and it is our life long duty to use that only . Anyone who does not fulfill that duty is totally ignorant of what swaraj is ! ”
     In 1922 , Gandhiji requested the Indian National Congress (INC) to start a khadi department . All India Khadi Board was formed in 1924 which is connected with the INC’s khadi department at provincial and district level . Gandhiji encouraged the Indian people to boycott British goods and adopt swadeshi goods like khadi during Non - cooperation Movement of 1920 - 22 and the Salt March of 1930 and also Quit India Movement of 1942 . Indian National Flag is made from khadi and charkha became an important icon on to hold national importance .
Finally , Gandhiji’s  khadi movement became a weapon of Swadeshi movement that aimed at boycotting foreign goods and promoting the Indian good which would boost the Indian economy . Khadi also became a symbol of non - violence and played an important role in India’s freedom movement .

    Khadi influences the development of the country’s economy , society and culture . It provides job to rural people and helps to reduce poverty . It brings equal dignity to all men and women by providing self - sufficiency . Khadi is a symbol of Indian cultural heritage because of its long lasting popularity . It is in fashion now - a - days because of its natural , breathable and comfortable quality . Khadi plays an important role in the sustainable development of the country because of its eco - friendly feature .

      Contribution of Mahatma Gandhi in the development of khadi is exceptional . He believed that khadi is not just a piece of cloth, but a means to connect the people of India to our roots , to the rural people , to the dignity of all men and women and to the culture and nature .

Maskura Begom
Assistant Teacher
Champupara Higher Secondary School
Chhaygaon Kamrup.


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